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The Lung Association, Saskatchewan is all about breathing! Breathing is what unites us and it is what inspires us to fund ground breaking research and provide support for those struggling to breathe. We do not do this alone, we do this with the support and gifts from the people in Saskatchewan who want to help everyone breathe easier.

Our BREATHE Ambassadors

Meet the Breathe Ambassadors who are supporting the 2017 Breathe and Win raffle, this committed group of researchers, physicians, and patients are focussed on optimum lung health in our province and inviting you to Breathe and Win!

Taking a breath is something many people take for granted except those for whom taking a breath is a daily struggle. Across Canada today, an estimated 800,000 Canadians live with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This population is among the highest users of hospital care in Canada and the situation is expected to worsen, as one in four Canadians is set to develop the disease in their lifetime. Of all chronic diseases, COPD is the number one reason for hospitalizations in Canada. Many COPD patients do not have access to diagnostic tools and management programs that are the recognized clinical standard of care. A lung attack (which is a flare-up of COPD) is as deadly as a heart attack. Although COPD affects both men and women alike, it has become a crucial women’s health issue. COPD kills more Canadian women than breast cancer. Currently there are approximately 64,000 Saskatchewan people living with COPD and almost half of that are women. Let’s stop this disease taking away the breath of those we love.

This year proceeds from the Breathe & Win raffle will go towards COPD scientific research, improved diagnostics, improved treatment and education for our health care professionals and public so that everyone is empowered with information and knowledge to move this disease into the past and not take it with us into our future.

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